The idea of an Anglo-Indian Association originated in 1995 when a group of Anglo Indians gathered at a meeting to establish a Steering Committee. The responsibility of the Steering Committee was to develop a framework which would give rise to the creation of an Anglo Indian Association of NSW which would represent the interests of the Anglo Indian Community, principally in NSW but also with a view to assisting Anglo Indians living on the sub-continent.

The Anglo-Indian Association of NSW was incorporated on October 20 1995 with a goal to preserve and perpetuate Anglo Indian culture.

The objectives of the Association are:

    • To provide social, sporting, cultural and recreational activities for members and their guests.
    • To provide and engage in those activities that offer financial and other welfare assistance to people within and outside Australia.
    • To develop, cooperate, maintain close links and/or affiliate with any other associations or clubs in Australia or elsewhere whose aims and objectives are consistent with those of the Association.
    • Through its operation, to seek to promote and project aspects of Anglo Indian culture and heritage with a view of creating amongst the Anglo Indian community a pride in its ancestry and history.

If you would like to become a member of the Anglo-Indian Association of New South Wales, please visit our Membership page.